Mo’s House Rules (remembering the band)

Hard to believe it’s been 18 years since I hung out with Mo Budlong and the gang. I was sorting through my CD collection and found Mo’s House Rules “I Love Rock n Roll”. I connected with the group through Jeff Wilson. No relation to the Wilson brothers but drummer Ron Swallow was a road manager for the Beach Boys. Said he took the job after turning down a similar offer from the Beatles. (The pay wasn’t enough to live on he said). Ron played drums when Dennis couldn’t make it on stage and he fit right in looking like a Beach Boy still.

A lot more stories to tell but here are two cover songs by Jewel from the “I Love Rock n Roll” CD we recorded live and released in 2002.

Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone
Standing Still

Vocals: Maria Berbeo, Tim Howell, Jeff Wilson
Drums: Ron Swallow
Rhythm Guitar: Jeff Wilson
Lead Guitar: Tim Howell
Bass: Mo Budlong

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Singer/songwriter telling stories from the heart about life.

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