“Keep My Heart”

Keep my heart if you want to…

Songs from “The Journey”

There were no traces… of lovers embraces… Guest vocalist Tami Chandler brings to life a chance encounter at a city street corner. Waiting for the light to change, two strangers steal fleeting glances and imagine a lifetime together only to disappear into the crowd as the light changes to walk, leaving no trace of their unspoken romance.

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“Crazy Love” Tribute

Crazy Love” is a 1979 hit single for the country rock group Poco introduced on the 1978 album Legend; written by founding group member Rusty Young, “Crazy Love” was the first single by Poco to reach the Top 40 and remained the group’s biggest hit with especial impact as an Adult Contemporary hit being ranked by Billboard as the #1 Adult Contemporary hit for the year 1979.

Keep My Heart”

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When this pandemic is over,

we will be…

Covid-19 will bring us all together again. Keep the faith.

Lost and Lonely (without you)

July 16, 2020.

This is a sad song but hopeful in the end. Like many of you I have been isolated during this pandemic. Limited travel outside the house and missing friends and family. One day, to break up the boredom, I was browsing through old recordings and found this music recording “Lost and Lonely Without You” from 2018. At the time it didn’t fit other music I was working on so it went on the shelf. Oddly it seems to fit well in the world we know today so I wrote some lyrics with help from a distant friend and this is the results. We will all get through these unusual times and my next song will be an upbeat, get up and dance, raise the roof hoot! Play safe and be well.

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